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Red Pedal Press Publisher of Australian Children's Books

Snap Magic


A bewitchingly funny coming-of-age story about secrets, bullies and pumpkin soup.

Something weird is going on...very weird.

Long black hairs keep sprouting from Lily’s chin and her dad is looking more and more like a Yeti. Just what’s behind this fuzz fest? And is Lily really turning into a witch like her neighbour, Mrs Swan?

Now the prettiest and meanest girl in class is threatening to tell the whole school, including the cute new boy. Can Lily put her desperate plan into action before the school bully strikes? And will the magical solution Mrs Swan offers work?


After all, what’s the worst that could happen?


Author/Illustrator: Angela Sunde


Editor: Catherine McCredie

ISBN: 978-0-9925753-0-4 Paperback / ISBN: 978-0-9925753-1-1 E-book

96 pages

Reading age: 8 -12

AU $12.95




As heard on 'Mornings' 612ABC Brisbane.

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